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New year after year

新一年又一年 (2024)

Movie content

"New Year After Year" The Chen family, the Lin family, and the Pan family live in Huli, Beijing. After 40 years of reform and opening up, Their lives have changed dramatically. The Chen family is an ordinary family. Their son Chen Huan was among the first batch of college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination and later became a famous economist. Their daughter Chen Qing and son-in-law He Dahai experienced layoffs and re-employment. The youngest daughter Chen Xiaoou is a woman of the new era. The Lin family is a high-ranking family. Their son Lin Yida was transferred back from the third-tier university and brought back his daughter-in-law Qunying from the countryside. He first worked in a government agency and then went into business. His daughter Lin Pingping was admitted to university and later went abroad for further study. The Pan family's son Liangzi is an unemployed young man. His mother Pan Tao hopes for her son, but Liangzi cannot live up to her expectations. Year after year, Chen Huan achieved success in his career, but lost his love. Lin Pingping realized his dream of going abroad, but his life was very bumpy. Chen Qing experienced being laid off and re-employed to find herself; He Dahai's business had ups and downs, and finally found his own destination. Lin Yida lost his way in business, divorced and remarried. Qunying, on the other hand, has grown from a nanny-like daughter-in-law to a strong woman.
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